Alarm Call

Mattress thumping, pillow plumping the mind is jumping, it will not sleep,

From the bed darting, bleary eyes smarting, so much to say that will not keep.

Legs on stairs quaking, sleepy dog shaking, lights switched on making, both feel secure,

Leather seat creaking, shivering- no heating, suffering guaranteeing poetry pure.

Computer whirring, no one stirring, silently ensuring, word perfect peace,

Eager anticipation of immediate inspiration, imagination’s gyrations, will not cease.

Hesitation unnerving, sudden noises disturbing, to the page returning, an unerring friend,

Momentary tooth-sucking, then constant brow- plucking, something is bucking the voluble trend.

Impetus dying, frustrated – sighing, desperately trying, something is rising – the sun,

Tummy rumbling, determination crumbling, the experience humbling, what’s to be done?

Thesaurus hunting, Encarta crunching, escape button punching – needing to shout,

Vacant eyes staring, grey cells despairing, silently sharing, an excess of doubt.

Re-assessing ability, questioning stability, repressing validity of using books,

Resisting temptation to abandon presentation, sudden inspiration, a word- how good it looks.

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